Handmade Paper:  Starting with baskets of dried flowers or natural fibers which were processed into pulp, this handmade paper became a unique series of pictures.  Pigments were added to the pulp as needed.  In some cases natural materials were added for design.  In addition, the delicacy of the material required the pulp to be applied with a tweezer.    

Three Generations
31H x 27W Framed`Windblown
31H x 21W FramedTwo Stories
26H x 26W FramedThree Sisters
31H x 27W FramedSeparate Stories
26H x 26W FramedLonely Village
22H x 29W FramedMexican Blanket
32H x 21W FramedSingers
34H x 25W FramedBlue Moon
35H x 22W Framed
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Leonora Wolfeld

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