Monotypes and Mixed Media Printing

Artist’s Statement

Although there are many forms of printmaking, the medium I have chosen is the monotype. I love the diversity and the endless variations that are possible.

Using an etching press I transfer the painted image from the plexiglass plate to the printing paper.  On occasion, I achieve unusual effects (planned or unplanned) that are often difficult to obtain by other painting methods. There is a spontaneity which takes place when creating monotypes - a magic that happens between the plate and the paper. At times, I will enhance the monotype by layering, adding collage or combining it with an etching. It then becomes a mixed media print. The techniques are intriguing because they combine both painting and printmaking.

The monotype alone is a complete painting and cannot be replicated. Inspiration comes from many places. I am influenced by what I see and where I am. Add to this a background in music, a mixture of my memories, dreams and imagination.  These have enabled me to create a group of singular monotypes and mixed media paintings embodying many recurrent themes.

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Leonora Wolfeld
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